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About Us

One of the greatest feelings is knowing you’re on the right track and moving faster and faster toward that which you value most.

With a true course and increasing momentum, your wildest dreams soon become grateful accomplishments, even as new mountains beckon you to greater heights.

At Momentum Lab, our focus is your empowerment. Your acceleration. Your momentum.

Momentum Lab is based on transformational teachings, ancient and modern, in all areas of life: how to use the body-mind complex, understanding the Self, cultivating relationships, achieving financial success, finding a purpose aligned with eternal values, and contributing to society and the world.

We strap you into a rocket flying towards your destiny: hyper-grounded and space-aimed.

Our Story

In 2016, Matt Coffman created Therapy Practice Accelerator, an online course designed to help therapists and other values-based practice owners grow their practices’ profitability while maintaining the highest standards of care and intention.

After working with thousands of therapists, we developed additional methods and systems to help our clients have the highest likelihood of achieving their dreams. We were surprised to discover that every area of our clients’ lives were transformed, not just their sense of meaning and financial success.

Now, after having worked with over 2000 clients, and personally witnessed incredible transformation, we decided to expand the most powerful elements of our curriculum into a course available to anybody obsessed with maximizing their potential in all areas of life.

Who We Are

Matt Coffman

Matt is a lifelong student of wisdom, truth, entrepreneurship, and music.

After graduating with honors from Stanford University, Matt cut his teeth on ethical entrepreneurship by moving to Brooklyn, NY and working at one of the oldest and largest health food stores in the U.S.

He honed his web development and online marketing skills over the next few years and eventually jumped back to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee to begin building his own business. When he reconnected with his childhood friend (and legit tech whiz) Victor Elkins, a powerful new business partnership was born.

Matt is passionate about research and personal growth. He has painstakingly refined his approach to meditation, yoga, exercise, nutrition, reading, and learning guitar. Momentum Lab is an expression of Matt’s belief that human evolution is best served by empowering individuals in every area of their lives.

Matt lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nate Ramos

As a marketing coach to clients across the US, Nate has been instrumental in making Therapy Practice Accelerator the go-to company for business development in the mental health space.

He ran a grassroots campaign to fundraise and deliver essential supplies to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and organized rebuilding efforts in the neighborhoods most affected.

He spearheaded an agroforestry initiative in the Amazon Rainforest, collaborating with local indigenous coalitions to protect the land and find sustainable economic solutions for local populations.

As an associate Feldenkrais teacher, somatic educator, and teaching artist, Nate helped design and facilitate the Youth on Stage program, a project that provides youth from underserved neighborhoods in New York City with tools to tell their stories and transform their communities.

Wherever he is, Nate loves working with groups to bring out the best in individuals, helping them make profound and positive impacts on their communities and the world.

Ankur Shah Delight

Ankur Shah Delight graduated from Stanford University in 2001 with a degree in Mathematical and Computational Science.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to improvisational cooking, organic agriculture, earthen construction, pilgrimage, writing, social work, hospital chaplaincy, Indian classical music, and algorithm design. He loves listening and connecting with humans both 1:1 and in groups and sees Momentum Lab as a natural extension of the parties he threw (every Thursday) in college.

Ankur lives in Sequim (Washington State), where he shepherds a couple of coworking spaces, a small permaculture farm, and a 15-member funk collective. He sees his mission as witnessing and catalyzing lasting personal transformation in everyone around him.