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We need a generation of heroes.

And that’s our mission: To give our clients everything they need to make a long-term positive impact on our world.

Usually, that means helping people:

  • Live in alignment with their purpose,
  • Develop a supernatural sense of vision, and
  • Practice uncommon consistency


One size fits nobody. 

We offer a personalized approach to understanding and clarifying your long-term vision and contribution in the highest possible resolution.  

Everything we do comes from the understanding you develop about yourself, that integrates all of your successes and failures to this point.

Once we have that, we can dissect Momentum into its constituent elements and make them work for You. 

We present a system that ties your daily actions and intentions with your sense of purpose and meaning.  


How is momentum maintained?

Once you are up and running, you watch your daily life like a hawk and restructure any patterns or structures that do not support your momentum. 

Consistency and Intentionality are key in every area of life.

We provide the container, the tools, and the coaching to help you maintain presence and visibility in the light of your purpose. 

This program is for you IF:

  • You are sick and tired of the same routines of goal setting and goal abandoning that has failed to move you forward in any area you care about
  • Deep inside you know that you are nowhere close to your potential, and you stay awake at night wondering how to leave that feeling in the dust
  • You know you have a powerful mission to accomplish in your life but you’re not sure exactly what it is or how to accomplish it. It’s been on the tip of your tongue for years.


The Momentum Lab Fellowship Program gives 75 potential heroes everything they need to accomplish their mission, for an entire year.

You come with a vision of the impact you want to make in the world.

We personally guide you through the entire Momentum Lab curriculum to achieve more towards your goal in 1 year than you did in the last 20.

That means we do everything from high-level visioning to business strategy, from weekly and daily accountability to conflict coaching. We’ll help you write and film your ads and hold your hand through difficult conversations.

We even help our people get married and get divorced (when appropriate).


If you’re here to support the evolution of human consciousness, we’re here to support you.

Are You Ready To Face The Elephant?

A large elephant standing between you and your goals