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Change Your Whole Life

In 28 days. 

Reverse years of self-deception, hiding, and procrastination.

Join us and face your elephant

Our next challenge starts August 1st.

How Does It Work?

Our Mission

Time isn’t in the waiting business.

Every day you spend paying attention to the wrong things is another missed opportunity.

We’re here to get you back on track with what is most meaningful in your life.

We give you the tools you need to focus on what matters most.

Which allows you to express your highest contribution.

It’s human evolution through personal development.


The Elephant In The Room challenge is your portal into our world. 

We also run a podcast, offer transformational retreats, and work directly with changemakers through our year-long Fellowship program.

Are You Ready To Face The Elephant?

Our next challenge starts August 1st.

A large elephant standing between you and your goals