The Night Vision Summit:

December 7th-10th

Seattle, Washington

“What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

Join us in Seattle this December to answer that question in a safe and constructive environment.

The Night Vision Summit is a 4-day, 3-night event that will take place in the magical Cascade Mountains just East of Seattle, Washington.

It’s the perfect backdrop for an experience that will be the highlight of your Fall, and pay Visionary Dividends for years to come.

What do I mean by “Night Vision”?

Normally, Momentum Lab is focused on Purpose, Vision, and Consistency. However, as anyone who has tried to do anything difficult learns very quickly, there’s a lot of ways for things to go wrong.

Some of those things, like the Zombie Apocalypse, are mostly out of our control. But many of our failure modes are totally predictable, because they come from attitudes, beliefs, patterns, and practices that we have each been developing for years.

Night Vision is the discipline of seeing these failure modes before they happen, and planning for them.

It’s not about criticizing ourselves (“Why do I always sabotage myself?”) or wishing we were different (“I’m going to stop smoking, once and forever”).

It’s about:

1) Knowing The Score

2) Accepting The Reality

3) Flowing Around Obstacles

Of course, you also want to “grow”, “improve”, and “learn”. I support that.

But it’s not Night Vision.

Night Vision sees clearly what we would prefer to ignore, accepts it, and builds resilience into our plans.

Night Vision investigates, relentlessly, what are we all doing, constantly, under the surface to get in our own way?

What viruses have installed themselves into our operating systems without our awareness or knowledge?

We have spent a lot of time going deep into these topics.

The answers involve Precision, Realism, Belief, and Community.

They span the internal and external realms.

They are inextricable from how we relate to ourselves, and how we relate to each other.

At the Night Vision Summit, we’re going to shine a light on every possible block and hindrance.

Every possible source of:





So of course you’ll leave with crystal clear goals for 2024.

But that’s just table stakes.

What we really want is for you to leave with crystal clarity about The Night.

That means:

  • A personal roadmap of exactly what obstacles are blocking you,
  • A library of tools and mental models for how to overcome them,
  • An early-warning system to help you respond BEFORE you are derailed.

Part of our basic philosophy at Momentum Lab is to equip every person with a Roadmap tailored to their strengths, their values, and their dreams.

Night Vision is like that personalized Roadmap, but INVERTED. 

With the Roadmap, you know exactly where you’re going.

With Night Vision, you know exactly how to hop over all the pitfalls between Here and There.

Because that’s what keeps happening, right? 

We come up with goals. We work hard to achieve them. We even pivot when it feels right.

But OBSTACLES are another story.

Especially the unexpected ones.

Which is why we’re going to share a suite of techniques for Finding and Defusing obstacles.

And this will require some real courage.

Because we’re going beyond Optimism and Positivity and into the domain of Acceptance.

We’ll integrate all the faults we know we have, but without the Shame and Guilt that nobody needs more of.

We’ll build awareness of how our strengths ARE our weaknesses, how our voids ARE our values. 

Which will allow us to see – and prepare for – the shadows we cast.

If you ever wonder…

How do I recover when I’m  knocked off course?

What do I do when I’ve lost my sense of direction?

How do I stop getting in my own way?

…then this Summit is for you.

Some of our most powerful moments as a team have come out of these questions.

And we’ve distilled those answers into an approach that will transform how you do self-talk…

24 hours a day

7 days a week

365 days a year.

This is how I see the summit unfolding:

  1. You share your vision in the protected space of small groups
  2. We help you identify your most powerful (and habitual?) blocks
  3. I compile a master list of all the blocks in the room
  4. We address the blocks, one-by-one, with the relevant tools, practices, and mental models
  5. We present our Early Warning System approach
  6. We guide you to combine all the elements in a personalized system that works for you. 

Make no mistake: This is not just about identifying and removing blocks while we’re in Seattle.

It’s about learning how to identify and work with those blocks from here on out.

But of course, the Night Vision Summit is not just about the content. It has to be about the community. Because, in the end, that’s what will give us permission to change. 

We all know the power of the life-changing connections at live events. Lockdowns only twisted the knife.

And we all also know how the power of Peak Experiences fade over time – whether they are dance parties, psychedelic medicine journeys, or once-in-a-lifetime vacations.

Our Vision Summits ground the power of the Peak Experience into your daily and weekly practices of growth and accountability. So the insights and breakthroughs keep on giving…

day after day,

week after week,

quarter after quarter,

year after year.

We do this by starting at the ground level and working up.

From the moment you arrive at Rainbow Lodge, you will enjoy:

  • Delicious, nutritious food hand-crafted by a private chef who I’ve been working with personally to embody my philosophy of fresh, local, creative food. I won’t be cooking (except for the bread!) but it’ll be the next best thing.
  • 40 acres of pristine forest full of walking trails and babbling brooks.
  • The highest-quality produce from my friends’ organic farms.
  • The most powerful herbs from multiple ancient medicinal traditions blended into a jing-building freight train of a smoothie Matt taught us based on over a decade of research.
  • Additional hand-crafted superfood drinks and treats straight from Nate’s repertoire.
  • An incredible selection of organic green and black teas.
  • I will also be continuing my multi-year ritual of making incredibly delicious freshly-milled 100% whole-wheat sourdough every morning, and welcome anybody who is interested to join me and bake for our fellow heroes

Beyond physical comfort, we’re placing careful attention on emotional safety:

  • I’ll shower you with mystical poetry, music, and oxytocin-inducing hugs.
  • Nate will ground us in a different Morning Miracle every day from his personal stash of tricks that help him navigate high-intensity moments with focus and grace, including breathwork, coldwork, meditation, and mobility.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or needs at any point during The Summit, we’ll be on hand to support you with whatever you need so you can fully immerse yourself in the practices, workshops, and conversations.
  • You’ll be invited to share your authentic self – your smile, your wisdom, your brilliance – with everyone else in the safe space we’ll create together at the retreat. 

As we establish emotional safety, we’ll turn our focus to learning and connecting: 

  • We’ll mobilize to Make Dreams Happen based on the blueprint that every single attendee will arrive with (and have sent out in advance)
  • Meet sides of your fellow participants that you’ve never seen before – their secret powers and skills.
  • Get ready for me to dissolve your layers of subtle armoring, shyness, or social anxiety so you effortlessly leap into a field of love, connection, and fun.
  • We’ll transform our relationships with others by practicing self-compassion under the direction of one of my personal heroes (who will be joining us in-person for this extra-special session).
  • We’ll guide you on a real, physical, adventure – and we’ll arrive back at our lodge exhausted and awe-inspired. (If you’ve spoken to previous attendees, you’ll know that this is a HUGE part of every summit, regardless of the weather.)


Finally, once we’re deeply rooted in Comfort, Safety, and Connection…

We’ll face the Night together, map the Darkness with eyes wide open, and explore how this community can support your journey in the weeks and months to come.

It’s a tall order.

In order to hit that goal we’re going to need, as Uncle Jamal would say:

“Knowledge of the tongue”


“Knowledge of the heart”.

So we’ll be stimulating you intellectually while holding your heart open to connection the entire time.

The course content and workshops are going to be transformative. You’ll get tools, frameworks, and mental models to use for years to come.

But the real reason to go is the magic we can only create when together.

It’s an intimate event with limited attendance (20-30 people).

So we’ll be stimulating you intellectually, supporting you emotionally, and giving you opportunities to connect and contribute the entire time.

Our first three summits had incredible results. If you’ve never attended one of my events, you’re in for a hell of a treat. I’m a natural-born “RA” and I have 25 years of experience creating deep in-person connections at a level most people have never encountered – faster than they would have ever believed.

So how much does it cost?

The all-in price for the Summit is $2,500.

The price includes:

  • 4 days and 3 nights with your fellow participants and the Momentum Lab team.
  • A private room in a classic Pacific Northwest mountain lodge.
  • Every meal prepared onsite by our private chef with incredible local ingredients (from my friends).
  • Participation in the entire Summit schedule.
  • Direct access to Ank and Nate throughout the retreat.
  • Special guests on hand to share their wisdom and guidance from all Areas of Life.
  • Exclusive Night Vision Summit swag for each participant

Once you application is approved, all you need to do is make it to Rainbow Lodge. We’ll take care of the rest.

Here is the application.

It’s pretty simple and mainly just because it’s really important to me to “check the vibe”. If we haven’t met before, we’ll just have a brief call and then I’ll send you the registration link.

If you have any other questions, email and we’ll respond with additional info ASAP. 

We’re committed to making this the best live in-person retreat you’ve ever attended. Let us know what you need to know to be 100% sure The Night Vision Summit is for you.