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Momentum Lab Retreats

Our in-person summits are designed to create life-changing breakthroughs in every single participant.


We host 2 events a year, both in gorgeous surroundings.


Our summer Vision Summit in June focuses on:

  • Identifying long-term goals in line with each participant’s Thumbprint Specific Purpose
  • Diagnosing the internal challenges to those goals
  • Equipping participants with the tools to overcome those challenges


Our winter Night Vision Summit in December focuses on:

  • Identifying everything that could possibly get between you and your vision
  • Understanding why you would miss, deny, or otherwise ignore these obstacles
  • Mitigation of both the obstacles identified and the patterns that would cause you to miss them in the future

Happy People Hiking

The work is done in an unbelievably supportive environment, full of genuine warmth, incredible food, and community vibrations.

We believe our highest work requires our deepest honesty and vulnerability. And those qualities only show up when the mind and body are both totally at ease.

Summits are intimate events (25 people maximum) and all participants are personally vetted.

For more details, here is the description of our upcoming Night Vision Summit (December 7th-10th near Seattle)

Are You Ready To Face The Elephant?

A large elephant standing between you and your goals